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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  December 10, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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war going to be with? >> joy: i don't know. a week from now i'll be a hosting comics with benefits, and some of the funniest people will be performing and 100% of the proceeds will go to victims of hurricane sandy. hope to see you there on december 10th. thank you so very much. good night, everybody. ♪ [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: welcome to the "the young turks." you know what kind of show we'll have for you tonight? a fun show. if that's what you guessed you're goddamn right. i could be executed in seven countries for saying that. i'm not playing. i'll explained later in the show. president obama goes to michigan, but did he finally stand up for workers? find out later in the show. do you know what else we have in the show for you? ed asner. he made this video. >> you have rich people peeing on poor people.
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>> how disgusting. do you have money? >> yeah. >> can i piss on you? >> cenk: damn. we'll show you the original video, we'll show you that, and we have ed right here on the show. and then the elbow of the day we have a little knockout. we'll go to politics, and then cause to celebrate. we have gay marriages in washington that started over the weekend. [ cheering ] >> cenk: what i'm amused by is people who see that celebration and go, o, how terrible. we'll talk about it all on tonight's show. you know what time it is, go time. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: so off and on on this show we talk about money and
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politics. i think it's the number one issue over all other issues. for once i have an amusing fact about that for you guys. last couple of weeks of the election turns out republican dopers gave $86 million to mitt romney. thinking that he would win and this would put him over the top. oops. wrong again bob. that's not how to worked out. what i love about that, if conservatives were watching "the young turks," they could have saved themselves $86 million. well, it's a good thing they weren't watching. now we turn to big donors and how they influence politics. mitt romney raised 82% of his money from big donors. you may not be surprised by that because romney is a rich donor guy. president obama is a man of the people. most of his money came from small people expect for the except for the fact that they did not.
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68% also came from large donors. the last time president obama did an inauguration, he said i'm not going to take corporate cash. this is going to be of the people, for the people, but this time around--ehh, not so much. in defense of that tony pedista said quote i think there has been a new day of engagement since the election between the corporate community and the white house. oh, you don't say yeah welcome and this is a civic event not a political event so it's okay for corporations to support it. fascinating how after he gets this gigantic amount of money and most of his money from large donors like corporations right after the election president obama has a new stance on corporations. interesting. let's take a look at google. now this is fascinating tax avoidance. you can name so many companies that do this. bloomberg wrote this story about google as an example of how they
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do this. google avoided $2 billion in worldwide income taxes by 2011 by shifting $9.8 billion in revenues to a bermuda shell company. they do things like the double irish and the dutch sandwich, which sounds like a different kind of sandwich to me because we're going to have to eat those taxes. if we lived in a real democracy do you think people would let corporations like google shift $9.8 million in taxes away from us or $2 billion in taxes all over the world away from themselves an on to us? that wouldn't happen in a democracy. but in our form of government the people who are served, the people who are represented are the one who is are the largest donors. if you look at how much google gave president obama as an example they gave $737,055. they were his third largest donor. weird how they get to get away with all those tax avoidance
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schemes. of course, they're not the only ones, and the republicans do larger tax avoidance schemes. the guy who invented some of those tax avoid avoidance schemes. son of boss, killing the tax codes one way or another. on the upside democrats have unions donating to them, too, so they need to be balanced between workers and their bosses. in fact, according to the associated press the estimate of how much they spent on democrats in the 2012 cycle is $400 million. now, what is interesting is where president obama is going to come out on this issue. they've got a lot of money from corporations for unions, which way is he going to go? in michigan governor snyder said no, the right to work laws are, you know, which by the way
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are the worst named thing ever. it's a great republican trick to call them right to work, it's basically asking people if they want to skate on unionses doing the work for them without paying their do yous. getting all these pay raises for them without paying do yous. that's the so-called right to work. governor snyder said, oh, no, we're not going to do that. absolutely not. we won't get to that, and i'm not going in that direction. it's not on my agenda, and it's too divisive of an issue. right after the election, boom republicans in a house senate in michigan steamrolling it right through, snyder is going to sign it. here's what they're calling the grover affect. pressure mounted on state lawmakers including a request from the influential anti--tax crusadeers work to make michigan the 24th right to work state. now of course there are protest
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abouts this, and people are mad especially remember michigan we have car companies there with significant unions. here are some of the protests. [ protesting ] >> this is a very passionate issue for a lot of folks. and i understand that. i respect that. they were fairly respectable here. i didn't feel like they were throwing things at us. >> they have the opportunity to decide this for themselves. >> they elected us as their representatives to do their work. we believe this is the work that moves michigan forward again. >> cenk: i love that legislature who said, those union guys didn't throw anything on top of our heads no bad. great respect you have for them. michigan becomes the 24th so-called right to work state. this is being pushed by people like the koch brothers over all over
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the country. what does it mean, right to work? it prints requiring workers to pay union dues. it curbs the political power of labor and reduces collective bargainenbargaining rights. you do have to give your dues to the union but it's an optional tax law. how many people would pay tax it is it was just optional, not a lot, right? the way to destroy the unions by taking that money out of the system even though the unions wind up representing all the workers in most of those scenarios. now the other objective is to get the workers to fight with one another. the guys who want to pay the dues. the guys who don't want to pay the dues. this is how brilliantly it worked in michigan as the workers fight each other. >> i support everybody. i'm not for myself. >> it shouldn't be a condition of employment that you have to join an union and have to pay
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dodues as a condition of employment to feed your family. >> cenk: oh, the koch brothers must have enjoyed that video immensely. yes, we got the workers to fight against one another while we take the great lion share. mission accomplished. president obama said in 2008 u man, if collective bargaining is questioned well, he was very clear on it. >> obama: understand this, if american workers are denied their rights to organize and collectively bargain while i'm in the white house i'll put on a pair of comfortable shoes myself and walk the picket line. workers deserve to know that there is someone standing in their corner. >> cenk: famously in wisconsin when collective bargaining was challenged, those comfortable pair of shoes remained
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comfortably in president obama's closet where he showed almost no support for those workers. now he's in michigan. is he going to say something about it? look at this, not bad watch. >> by the way, what we shouldn't do, i just got to say this, what we shouldn't be doing is trying to take away your rights to bargain for better wages. [ cheering ] >> obama: you know, these so-called right to work laws, they don't have anything to do with domestic. they have everything to do with politics. what they're really talking about is giving you the right to work for less money. >> cenk: not bad not bad. it's better than what happened in wisconsin. now if he actually joined a picket line that would be awesome. this is the great drama. he gets a lot of money from you from corporations, which way will president obama go? well, stay tuned for that one. right now as usual with president obama he's right in
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the middle. so we'll see how it develops. but obviously our position here at "the young turks" is clear. we're with the works. now when we come back, game action in washington. conservatives are very mad about this. >> history made today in our state. >> announce you formerly and legally wed. >> cenk: everybody time i'm amused like people look at that and say, how terrible. all right, when we come back as well, the elbow of the day. this one is near literal. let's see if you can figure it out. guess atwisconsin. @tytoncurrent.
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>> talking about this, watch. >> they could now say its safe to look at this because there is an emerging consensus. quite literally the opposition to gay imager is dying with old people. >> cenk: it's true. but you know, it's interesting what is a bigger case is people in their 30s are so in favor of gay marriage that they're changing the numbers on a national scale. when likely voters were asked about it in a george washington university pol among 18 to 29
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years, 63 63% huge favorability. and then above 60 years only 30% are in favor but they have less time on the planet than others. that's wrong but it's just the fact is that is factually correct. the supreme court they also flow with public opinion. >> are they the justices, are they in any way influenced by the changing public opinion on this issue? we've seen a dramatic shift in favor of guy marriage? >> that is the most interesting question on this case. ten years ago the supreme court would have decided this one way. probably you man must--unanimously ten years from now, it will go in the other direction and we're on the hinge of history on this issue. >> cenk: isn't that if funny?
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the supreme court, which way is it going? will the crowd like me or not likely depending on how i vote on this. it's not the first time it has happened. justice felix frank furter delayed on actions for years. now as of mid made you can get married in the state of washington. >> i now pronounce you husband and husband. >> keith and cory are among the 140 same-sex couples who wanted to be married today in seattle. >> cenk: i can't believe those guys are ruining the country.
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heather and kay, thank you so much for joining us, and my first question to you is how many straight marriages have you ruined so far? >> none to our knowledge. >> so the traditional marriage has not broken down since saturday midnight, and now in the state of washington? >> absolutely. >> so seriously, how long has this battle gone on, and how relieved are you that you can officially get married in the state of washington? >> it's really been--this is a culmination of decades of work by many people that started focusing on creating equality for gays and lesbians. kay and i have been together for 14 and a half years and this is a movement that has been going
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on for decades. we're thrilled. we're so thankful, and thank the great voters of washington for voting for love, and it's really exciting and pretty amazing. >> cenk: i love there was a question of whether we should vote for love or against love. >> yes exactly. >> cenk: and we barely won. love barely won barely beating out hate. you know it happened throughout history. now the supreme court is taking up a couple of cases. are you worried about that give that the supreme court is conservative generally and justice kennedy, which is a swing vote, has been on both sides of this issue in some ways so that they might take away your rights? >> that would be devastating, of course. i'm hopeful as you were saying, where the american people are and where the vote is swinging
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towards hopefully that will also guide the supreme court. i think we're getting smarter. i have a huge confidence in the next generation that they're really going to get it right. so hopefully that will sway. >> cenk: and how much of a difference has it made? i've got my issues with president obama and the timing of his announcement, etc., etc. nonetheless, it's a great thing for the president to say that, right? >> absolutely. >> cenk: how much of a difference has that made, and people seeing the pictures of people like yourself getting married and saying, wait a minute they don't look so evil or different from us? >> absolutely. i think that's what it's all about. it's about the relationships and you know, heather and i over the last 14 and a half years, we made a commitment early on that we want to be out. we want to be out at work. we want to be out with our family with our friends, at our
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daughter's school, we're involved in the p.t.a and it's fun being ourselves and authenticcally ourselves and let people get to know us. how can they hate us? we're pretty good--cool people i think that's what matters are those relationships. when you have interaction with people it has an affect. >> cenk: it boggles my imagination that people would look at you guys and say i'm against those folks. >> we're so scary. it was you know, in having those conversation with voters, it was talking about sharing our story and telling them about our daughter kay lee and she's nine and this is her dream for her two moms to get married and she
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wants the same protections and rights and she doesn't have to worry about in a medical setting she'll be able to have visitation with kay and i. we want to be married. that's what we want for our daughter and other children. >> cenk: that makes all the difference in the world. thank you for joining us. we really appreciate it. >> excellent. thank you. >> cenk: and i've been in a straight marriage for four years, and shockingly people who are getting married across the country who are gay have not married my marriage. maybe conservatives are wrong on this issue. i'll have to put some you had thought behind that issue. we have ed asner in a video. >> they had a little help from ed asner. >> where people in giant companies that they own thinking no one would notice. >> cenk: then later in the program, saving an american
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hostage. a very important lesson to be learned. we'll talk about that as well. >> the team moved in by helicopter in darkness when it became clear that dr. joseph was in imminent danger. a lot of hershey's happiness in little drops of milk chocolate. and cookies n creme. pure hershey's.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: the california teachers association released an eight-minute video that talks about the rich who might be diverting money away from the public good. it has fox news tremendously angry so it must have something good in it. >> at other times rich people decided they weren't rich enough so they came up with ways they could get richer. the first way was through tax cuts. they didn't mind fewer services for everyone. schools, public safety, the roads, parks libraries public transportation all wasn't into decline. the rich people didn't care. they said everybody gets what
4:27 pm
they deserve. >> cenk: now it overgeneralizes the rich people a little bit too much, other than that it's absolutely true. but then they found something controversial in the video that they can attack. >> ordinary people wondered why rich people needed so much money, the 1% said don't worry this is good for you too because if it will trickle down from us to you. >> cenk: all right maybe a bit much, trickle down, i get it. now of course the voice that have is ed asner. he's the legendary actor and it made fox news' head explode. let's have fun and watch. >> you know at the end somebody watches this, they get indoctrinated and they really begin to believe that rich people are each. >> it goes a little too far. you can make an argument that there are rich people who are indifferent to poor people, but i don't think you can say that about all people. i think it was too much demonizing for my taste.
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>> there is no overstating how dumb this is. this is soviet--this looks like something produced by the north korea industry of truth. if there are teachers who are in classrooms with students who agree with that is horrifying. >> cenk: horrifying. all they say they want tax cuts is horrifying. we have david selig tax practioner and pundit. i assume that you agree with fox on this, that it's outrageous and horrific. >> thanks of allfirst of all thanks for having me on your program. as far as my friends in fox and i am friends with many of these people, i don't think it's that much of an outrageous event but what i do think is that it just
4:29 pm
polarizes us that much more, and it reinforces some felaciuos notions that wealthy people aren't pay be their fair share. the fact of the matter wealthy people pay a lot more taxes than everybody else. a person isn't a taxpayer if he or she gets back more than they pay in. >> cenk: fascinating. let me address a couple of those things. first of all you say rich people pay more in taxes. of course they're rich. they have more money. i say that literally. they have the higher percentage of the national income. the only time it was this high was right before the great depression. they pay more because they have more, doesn't that make sense? >> i'm not going to dispute that. that does make sense however the notion that they are taking advantage of the code or taking advantage of us every day
4:30 pm
working individuals is just not true but it is very popular. you look at the rhetoric coming out of the administration. they're talking about you know, the millionaires and billionaires and people who make more than $250,000 a year, well, i would remind your viewing audience right now you have an awful lot of people in foreclosures. you have people who are reaching these compromised settlements with their creditors, credit card companies, most notably and let's say you have $100,000 of debt discharged. because of section 108 in the internal revenue code they'll issue a 1099 c and you who could not afford to pay your bills in the first place could be shown as one of these wealthy people. >> cenk: no, no,. >> yes sir. >> cenk: you're talking about a really small percentage of people. >> no, i'm not. >> cenk: no, no, the great majority of millionaires and billionaires get a lot of their
4:31 pm
money from capital gains etc. and pay 15% or less. and a lot of hide their money in the cayman islands. that is a fact. that'sthat's a gross injustice that they pay a much lower rate than we do. >> that's not true. you know it. the fact of the matter-- >> cenk: that they don't pay less on capital gains and dividends. >> they would pay the same amount if-- >> cenk: if they were billion mayors. >> no, if they took advantage of the long term capital gains rate. what they're trying to do is create this chasm between the alleged haves and have nots. it rings false. if we take the millionaires and billionaires out of the equation, a lot of people in your audience right now are already writing off debts. they've received these 1099 cs. they can't make ends meet, and the rhetoric. >> cenk: you're taking a small
4:32 pm
group of people and pretending as if they're the people who are fixing the tax code so they can get these huge, billions of dollars advantage in capital gains and dividends. it is a gross and sick injustice that they only pay 15%. that's the reality. but i have to turn to ed. david selig. thank you for the conversation and thanks for sticking up for the rich. >> cenk thanks for speaking at me. it was a pleasure. >> cenk: me too. ed asner joins us. he has been attacked for this video by fox news. ed, i want to talk to you more about the video than anything else. they say hey you cannot talk about how rich people are not paying their fair share how do you respond to that? >> that's baloney. it's baloney because these are the lowest rates as i know it for the rich since god i amdism god
4:33 pm
immemorial. these are very low rates that the rich are subjected to. >> cenk: i talk about capital gains and dividends which are at pathetically low rates but the over all income tax the highest marginal rates is also at an historic low. we're not talking eisenhower, one of the last republicans to actually balance the budget but from the 1940s to the 1980s the rates were between 70% to 94%.. >> yes. >> cenk: when you look at this picture, what do you think has happened? do you think the rich has captured our government? >> of course they have. corporations with the supreme court's full backing corporations media has become concentrated in fewer and fewer hands.
4:34 pm
that's where the money goes. that's where they pass the rules of laws, which invade our private lives. >> cenk: now you've won seven emmy awards, five golden globes i assume you've made a decent amount of change in that time. so like fdr why are you a traitor to your class? >> i'm really not really. i didn't pinch those pennies and i didn't keep them in a lock box, so i'm certainly not a millionaire, but if they want to think of me as such. that's fine. i hope i would speak the same way i am now if i were a millionaire. >> cenk: now obviously fox news has taken you on, and they say you're the boogeyman. sean hannity michelle malkin called you every word in the language--every bad word. >> i think he's behind on his
4:35 pm
rabies shots. >> cenk: so, you're not too concerned that they have portrayed you as a hollywood liberal, etc.? >> i'm proud of it. >> cenk: god bless. it's reassuring to hear that. there is something that i want to play for you. it's a portion of the video and i want you to talk about it. let's have the audience watch it first. >> some day you'll be rich, and then the rules we made for us will be your rules too. some people weren't so sure about this, so the rich people bought newspapers and tv and radio stations and internet companies, and paid them to repeat over and over. some day you will be rich, too. there is no alternative. >> cenk: that's interest, ed, do you think that the media also has been captured by the rich and powerful? >> oh, yeah, this has been going on--we were doing lou grant, it was in the hands of four--maybe
4:36 pm
six higher powers. it's probably been reduced since then. there was a book written at that time "the monopoly" is what it's called. you don't find liberal papers any more. hopefully you find some independent thinkers who will occasionally land on the liberal side, but they're not pronouncedly liberal. >> cenk: you can tell just in this interview. when you unabashedly liberal as you are ed, it seems like such a surprise almost something that you never see on television. >> the reason i keep talking about liberals is i was so sickened with so many democrats both politicians and the masses, who ran from the word liberal
4:37 pm
dukakis. they ran so far. they ran to the progressive. i'm a liberal and i hope to god the liberals reassert themselves. >> cenk: ed asner he's on broadway right now, and ed, thank you so much for joining us on "the young turks." we appreciate it. >> take 'em on. take 'em on. >> cenk: great. when we come back, we'll do a segment call progressive aggressive. how do you like them apples. and then fox news attacks the white house dog. [ christmas music ]
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4:41 pm
i'm so deeply offended, i don't know where to start. partly because i didn't know what the problem was. but don't worry, fox news contributor will explained it to us. quote, the 2012 card made no mention of any specific holiday nor did it include a bible verse noting the birth of christ. former president bush did not mention christmas on his card but that was back in the day when jesus was the reason for the season, not the portuguese water dog. that's awesome. do you want to see president bushes card from 2005? i believe that is incredibly similar and has a dog and does not mention christmas, just like president obama's card. but wait until you get a load of the demigod himself, ronald reagan's christmas card in 1983,
4:42 pm
of course it will have christmas--outrageous! man, these people amuse me to no end. they're incredibly similar but president obama, oh, how could he do this! it turns out on the issue of religion the nuns made a huge difference. not the nuns on the bus but those who do not have a religion. some are religious, some are spiritual but are not affiliated with a church. they're a much larger segment because no one talks about them. in virginia, according to the pugh research, president obama lost protestants by nine points. he lost catholics by ten points but he won the "nones" by 76%. he ended up winning virginia, and he would have lost without them. in florida, he lost protestants
4:43 pm
by 16 points, catholics by 5 points and "no witness" by 72% of the votes he won nationally. nationally he lost plot tonight protestants by 15 points. but they gave him 70% of the vote. for those who are not affiliated with the church or non-believers made all the difference in this election. no one talks about it, and that's very interesting. if you think it's bad in this country, wait until you get a load of it internationally. so many countries have taken the right to vote from atheists, citizenship, and in seven different countries you could be executeed for being an atheist. park stan, saudi arabia, a huge
4:44 pm
ally and sudan all of those countries you could be executed, and until recanted, fine, fine, fine i'm muslim. then allowed to the right to live. we don't have those problems in the u.s.? not exactly. in at least seven u.s. states constitutional provisions are in place that bar atheists from public office and arkansas has a law that bars an atheist from testifying as a witness at a trial. of course, those laws are unconstitutional, and the supreme court ruled back on it on 1961, but those states don't give a damn. they're not interested. in kentucky the department of homeland security said that you must acknowledge that god protects us. if you don't then you got trouble. god help us all. ironic. kentucky would approve. when we come back,
4:45 pm
homeland--speaking of homeland security. is it realistic? we've got a c.i.a. agent to talk about it. >> are you presently in alabama? >> no, do you intend to answer truthfully here today? do you intend to answer truthfully here today? >> yes. >> all right, here is our former c.i.a. agent. she'll tell us what is realistic and what is not and especially the polygraph test. i'm interested in that when we come back. (vo) now, it's your turn. (vo) connect with the young turks with cenk uygur. >> it's go time.
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>> cenk: well, we gist had a rescue michigan going down in afghanistan, an ask you mission for a doctor who had been captured by the enemy and petty
4:49 pm
officer first class nicholas checque was involved in that mission, and lost his life in that mission. good morning america has more details. >> the team moved in by helicopter in darkness when it became clear that dr. joseph was in immanent danger or may be moved to afghanistan. they tracked the american in the mountains of eastern afghanistan where they had hidden joseph among some small huts. a fire fight broke out as soon as the special forces team arrived. several of the taliban captures were killed, but that is when the navy seal was believed to be hit as well. wounds that later proved fatal. >> cenk: now we've got lizzie moran with us. a former c.i.a. officer and author of "blowing my cover my life as a spy." i want to ask you about this operation. it's tragic, of course, that one of our guys lost his life, but i think that we should have more operations like this.
4:50 pm
i think that it's much more justifiable when we bring guys down on the ground, and instead of killing discriminately we target and in this case there was a hostage we needed to get out. how often do missions like go down. >> we see them increasingly because we're fighting a much different war than the c.i.a. used to fight. what we're seeing is the c.i.a. working in tandem with the military as it does in operations like this, and as it did in the taking down of bin laden. we see the c.i.a. collecting actionable intelligence, and then the military, the seals going in and using that intelligence to conduct the mission of this sort. i think we're going to see more and more of this as the c.i.a. becomes more militaristic in a way necessarily so because of the kind of war that we're fighting. >> cenk: you know, i don't know how hour liberals and progressives feel about it i
4:51 pm
think it's terrific. i am against drone strikes because we don't know who we're bombing half the time. but in this case you have a specific target, specific mission. you land guys on the ground. that's heroic. that's the way you do it, you go after the bad guys with as little collateral damage as possible. i may be being naive, but i hope that's the way we go more in the future. ben mankiewicz is also here lizzie, ben and i we often talk about this, and we'll do that today. i have to give a spoiler alert. if you give away a clip, they get angry. there was apparently some tension with the c.i.a. counter terrorism director in the show, and his boss or understanding under ling. >> you have it done. he has learned too much. he knows the truth.
4:52 pm
an what they do is they set him up to take a lie detecter test. they know if he's honest on the lie detector test it will reveal information that could ruin his career. >> do you live on lane. >> no. >> did you provide the weapon that eileen used to kill herself. >> what? >> answer the question. >> so then he takes the test. i guess he gives honest answers and then later with the results his boss david estes throws a follower in front of him and suggests what he's going to do and how they're going to ruin his career with the results of this test. >> i want you gone. the official story is, that's up to you but i will use this to tie you up in hearing after hearing for the rest of your natural life if i have to. you think about that. >> cenk: so, lizzie, i'm dying
4:53 pm
to know. how often do they do the polygraph test, are people a nervous wreck over it, and do they use it against people. >> well, yeah, everybody at the c.i.a. hates the polygraph and hit the polgraphers. we refer to them as the in-house sadist. you love them when you're using them to test your agents because then you're working in tandem with them. but everyone who joins the c.i.a. from the director to the people who empty the garbage cans have to take the polygraph. i feel nervousness because it brings me back to the polygraph test. >> and the idea that the results could be used to ruin somebody's career, did that make sense to you? >> yes, that made sense. when estes says, i'm going to tie you up in hearing after
4:54 pm
hearing. that's the c.i.a. agent's biggest fear, not being killed out in the field but being tied up in hearings because they flubbed up their polygraph tests. i have to say it's funny for me to watch the way the polygraph is portrayed on the show. in reality the polygraph takes place at an undisclosed location, and you're actually sitting in a comfortable barcalounger to give you this false sense of comfort. but then you're strapped up. there is nodes on your fingers and coils around your weighs waist. it's probably the most nerve-racking experience i've ever had and you have to go through it several times in your career. >> cenk: the polygraph sounds wacky to me and some spies beat the polygraph any way. it seems so many could pass
4:55 pm
this. when we come back, the elbow of the day. it's almost a literal one and a fun one. we'll tell you all about it when we come back.
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ppened. mitt romney came in to give a pep talk to pacquiao. he gave him the worst pep talk of all time. he said, manny i ran for president. i lost. how does that help the guy. it didn't apparently because this is what happened in the fight. romney looking on. hey, manny is doing all right. there romney looking down. down out, gone. manny pacquiao knocked the hell out. but here's what mitt romney and pacquiao now share
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